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Well…… back out on the road we go!

Well…… back out on the road we go! We were up in Redding California first and I made some good runs on some not so good steers. It wasn’t good enough for any money though. Sean threw a coupe down fast enough to get a little money out of em. Tom didn’t have any luck and his horse got sore after his second run.
The fun part of Redding is the big river that runs right behind the rodeo grounds. Tom took his horse in for a while….walked him out and he was like new again! It was crazy! Sean and I rode ours down in at the boat dock and found out there is a real deep hole in the middle! Turns out Short Bus (my dogging horse) doesn’t like to swim very much, but it was lots of fun for us!

The next stop on the trip was Hayward California where none of our crew had any luck. So it was on to Ramona California where I placed and got a little money, but there was no luck for the rest of the crew.
The next stop was Vegas where Tom whipped one out and won some money, but there was no luck for the rest of us though.

The good news of the week is that my traveling partner Sean is starting to quit chewing! He has been doing great! I’ll keep ya posted on how he is doing!
On down the trail…..

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